Protecting your software intellectual property

Software Engineering

If you’re a software developer with a great new app or you’ve come up with a fantastic idea that you want a developer to produce for you, one of the first questions you may ask is: What can I do to protect my software idea from being copied?

Unfortunately, except for very limited circumstances, you cannot patent computer software. This means you cannot protect your idea and stop other people copying it.

So what can you do?

Protect your confidential information

Because you can’t stop other people copying your idea, it’s vital that you keep the details as secret as possible until your launch. In addition, there may be elements of the software’s design or architecture which are non-obvious to an end-user which you will want to keep secret even after launch.

Therefore, if you’re engaging external contractors to develop and/or market the software, you should always ensure they sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement before you disclose details of your idea to them.

Your employees (if any) may already be covered by confidentiality obligations in their employment contracts but, if not, consider updating their contracts or asking them to sign specific agreements. You’ll need to take employment advice to ensure that any changes or new agreements are enforceable.

Protect your intellectual property

Although you cannot patent your idea, your software source code should automatically benefit from copyright, meaning it cannot be copied. You don’t need to do anything to benefit from copyright protection but you will need to be able to prove when the source code was created (in case an infringer claims to have written it first). There are various repositories that you can send your code to as proof of existence on a particular date but all you need is to be able to save your work with a non-forgeable date stamp. It may even be that sending the work to a web-based email account may suffice.

Copyright can also exist in any images or text displayed within your software or sounds played. The screen layouts, menus, icons etc may also benefit from both copyright and unregistered design right protection (and you may be able to apply for registered design right protection as well).

If your software includes any collections of data that are arranged in an original way then there may also be copyright in the database. It may also benefit from the protection afforded by the separate “database right”.

A word of warning however: if you are engaging contractors or sub-contractors to carry out development or design work, you must ensure that you have a written agreement with them agreeing that all intellectual property rights in their work will belong to you or your company. Without this agreement, they will own much of the valuable intellectual property in the work generated from your idea!

Protect your brand

If you have thought of a distinctive name for your software you may want to consider applying to register it as a registered trade mark, which makes it easier to take action against people copying your brand.

Without this protection, you might still be able to take action through a claim of passing off, but only if you can demonstrate your brand has a reputation attached to it.


Matt Worsnop is an Associate Solicitor at BHW Solicitors in Leicester and writes regularly on software law matters.

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Conveyancing and Moving House

Conveyancing is a legal process linked with transferring ownership of property from a party to another. Since Conveyancing and moving house is a legal process, there are complex terms that you should understand. When you understand the common terms, it will be easier for you to understand the process even if you hire a conveyance solicitor.

The common Conveyancing terms provided by BHW Solicitors Leicester are:


An agreement is also known as the contract. When you exchange contracts, sale cannot be stopped unless it breached law.

Breach of contract

Once contracts are exchanged, it will be a breach of contract of any party pulls out of sale. Non-defaulting party can seek reparation from the defaulting party.

Basic fee

A solicitor will charge basic fee after instruction to undertake conveyance on your behalf. The fee caters for the cost of the solicitor’s knowledge and time. It is calculated on sliding scale based on value of the property on sale.

Client care letter

Solicitors usually send client care letter when you agree to use them for Conveyancing.  This is a formal contract that outlines grievance procedures in case there is a discrepancy. Read everything carefully before you sign.

Building insurance

When you exchange contracts, it is important to take out building insurance on the property as in most instances, you will be legally responsible. Building insurance covers cost of rebuilding in event of destruction during a fire or other calamity.

Fixture and fittings form

This is a form that sellers complete to state the items included in property sale.  The buyer must sign off before contracts are exchanged.

Caveat Emptor

‘Let the buyer beware’ is the literal translation of caveat emptor. It means that a buyer has responsibility to discover structural integrity of the property using a dependable surveyor.


Success of a purchase will depend on success of others. Many links in the chain might cause a sale to fail of another sale is unsuccessful.

HM Land Registry

The HM Land Registry is the department of government that deals with property ownership in United Kingdom.

Stamp duty

This is money charged to buyers on sliding scale according to price of property on sale. This money goes to HMRC.

Local authority searches

Searches are conducted during the initial stages of the conveyance. A search is designed to protect buyers from council plans that affect state of the property once they move in.

They only refer to plans that could affect a property up to its legal boundary. There is a more comprehensive search called planning search that you can get but at a higher cost by approximately £25.

Council for Licensed Conveyancers

Council for Licensed Conveyancers or (CLC) is a governing body that regulates and licenses conveyancers. You should ensure that a conveyancer is a licensed member before any engagement.

The process of Conveyancing and moving house ends when the seller receives full payment and the title deed reflects change of ownership.