Matching food and wine at dinner parties: Food Education

The idea of throwing a party goes back many years and frankly some think of it as rather old fashioned. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. This has however not stopped people from inviting their loved ones as well as close friends for a party where there will be plenty of food stuffs accompanied by drinks. What is however becoming the trend is that it is becoming imperative that the course meal is always matched by the wine. Ensuring that the food you will prepare goes hand in hand harmoniously with the wine is not as easy as you may think. Therefore, before you decide on what to do, you need to take a look at the recipes you can handle very well. Remember if you get it wrong, you can turn the otherwise happy party into a disaster and there is no going back once it goes down. This therefore means that once you have identified the food recipes you can handle very well, you can now look into the types of wine they go well with. If you feel you need some expert input into this selection then contact Ruth at and she can offer some help.

While this may be seen as an old fashioned approach to party, it will go along way if your guests are able to find the right variety of wine to go along with their meals. You have to take into account the season within which the party happens too. It will play a big role in choosing the type of recipes to try and consequently the ideal wine to accompany it. You may for instance forgo the red wine in favor of some white if you are having the party during summer time. This will be a great choice as well as a break away from tradition especially if it is in the summer when there is a lot of sun.

You should have a good knowledge of how the wines taste as well as how they go well with the various food recipes you are looking to prepare. White wines for example go well with seafood. White wine is dry while seafood is always crusty as well as citrusy when cooked; this is a perfect combination of dinner guests to enjoy. The two enhance each others’ fresh fruity flavors thereby making them very compatible. Tomato based dishes will also be a good choice to go with the white wine owing to its sharp taste. Think about dessert wines as well, to make sure that it goes with your pudding and cakes.  Try to decide which wine works best for your guests by sampling them on your own, nothing works best unless you try it for yourself and decide upon the experience you will have. As you go along and try them ensure that you keep a long list of what you try so that you do not get mixed up while at it. This will also help you in deciding on what to buy and what not to buy depending on their prices and availability.

School to Academy conversions in the United Kingdom

uiwjwThe Academy Schools are publicly funded autonomous schools that are not supervised and managed by any of known indigenous authority. The rules, regulations and other conditions are solely set by the academy itself and the authorities are not accountable to whichever change they make in the policies or terms. The national curriculum is not henceforth followed by the academies. Once the schools convert to academies, they are then tracked by the academy trust which is a benevolent company limited by guarantee. The Academy Schools entails secondary schools mostly for pupils ageing from 11 to 16; few of them are nursery academy schools also.

The academy schools follow their syllabus as specified by English Specialist School Programme (SSP).

The enlisted below are the entities that can convert their status to an academy:

• Primary Schools
• Secondary Schools
• Special Schools
• Other Provision Schools and other few as mentioned by the government of United Kingdom.

A school can switch its status to an academy by the provision of a sponsor if its performing well or it also can change its status as a group of schools preferably recognized as academy chain.

How do Schools change their status to Academies?

Schools can change their status to Academies by following the prescribed rules and regulations of Government of United Kingdom. The schools are responsible to submit their application the Department for Education as mentioned in the documents available online on the website of Government of United Kingdom. Once the school submits its application to the Secretary of State, if accepted the Secretary of State releases an academy mandate and custody is then established which in result has a contract to run the academy for the government.

The schools afterwards register the academy custody with Companies Houses and settles leasing contracts for school building, land and other expenditures. The ultimate phase of conversion is the signing of the Funding Agreements with the Secretary of State. Schools should get some counselling before the funding agreement is signed to avoid any risk that might occur.

What rules and regulations do Academy Schools follow?

The Academy Schools are to obey the same admission criteria the other state schools are following however academy trusts develop their own admission authority for itself rather than referring to any of the indigenous authority. The Academy School emphasis the same admission criteria like other state schools however this means the academy can like a trust school establish its personal set of rules for granting seats if its overflowed by the admissions.

Moreover schools does have a criteria to privilege the 10% of the pupils of any specialized subject centred on their ability for that specific subject. The academy schools have to obey the law and government guidelines on rejecting any pupils but they are not liable to consult any local authority before rejecting any of the pupil admission.

However there is no verification that becoming an academy improves a school. Some academies have been successful. But some are deteriorating. The government presents the statistics to make academies appear more successful than other schools. As the impact of strictness becomes more severe, school budgets will be threatened. The critics say it is better for schools to stick together in their local family of schools.

Life And Business Coaching in London and Help With Depression Through Talking Therapies

As an London business coach and life coach, using talking therapies in particular sfbt, brief solution focused therapy with problems and issues such as help with anxiety.

There are hundreds of coaches out there many people call themselves life coaches. There are coaches for health, coaches for writing, coaches for marketing, and all sorts of coaches. With regard to life coaching London there are also a plethora of coaches in this pond. Some are accredited some aren’t so where do you begin in choosing a coach?

Another simple thing to look for is whether they are truly a life coach or just someone in training or management development who does executive coaching on the side. How many hours of coaching have they done, can they put you in contact with existing or former clients. Do they have any case studies or stories of coaching success? Are they prepared to do a ‘chemistry’ check by talking with you before they ask for payment? Ask them why they coach, how long they’ve been life coaching and also what ongoing development they do. In other words check them out!

As a life coach do they specialise for instance in help with anxiety or help with depression?

There will always be room for good life coaches

A number of positive principles make up the solution focused approach which comes originally from brief solution focused therapy

The history of talking therapies to help with depression, help with anxiety and help with stress including the use of counselling and CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy for dealing with depression and other personal and professional problems addictions and issues. Amongst successful talking therapy approaches are solution focus therapy and brief solution focused therapy.

Solution focused brief therapy or SFBT is one of the most effective of the talking therapies. Solution focused brief therapy was developed by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer together with their colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Centre in Milwaukee USA..) SFBT, Solution focused brief therapy also was influenced by systemic family therapy (cybernetics, communication, feedback, relations, networks, complexity). Brief solution focused therapy approaches have had effective results in dealing with sex alcohol and drug addictions.

In over 30 research studies in solution focused brief therapy the ‘success’ rate was 65 – 83% of cases from the clients themselves. The research includes depression, anxiety as well as drug and alcohol use.

Rob Rave is a successful life coach who also offers executive coaching in the City of London. He has worked with leaders from big organisations including Miele, Ernst and Young and Grant Thornton, as well as other high powered executives throughout the UK.

Conveyancing and Moving House

Conveyancing is a legal process linked with transferring ownership of property from a party to another. Since Conveyancing and moving house is a legal process, there are complex terms that you should understand. When you understand the common terms, it will be easier for you to understand the process even if you hire a conveyance solicitor.

The common Conveyancing terms provided by BHW Solicitors Leicester are:


An agreement is also known as the contract. When you exchange contracts, sale cannot be stopped unless it breached law.

Breach of contract

Once contracts are exchanged, it will be a breach of contract of any party pulls out of sale. Non-defaulting party can seek reparation from the defaulting party.

Basic fee

A solicitor will charge basic fee after instruction to undertake conveyance on your behalf. The fee caters for the cost of the solicitor’s knowledge and time. It is calculated on sliding scale based on value of the property on sale.

Client care letter

Solicitors usually send client care letter when you agree to use them for Conveyancing.  This is a formal contract that outlines grievance procedures in case there is a discrepancy. Read everything carefully before you sign.

Building insurance

When you exchange contracts, it is important to take out building insurance on the property as in most instances, you will be legally responsible. Building insurance covers cost of rebuilding in event of destruction during a fire or other calamity.

Fixture and fittings form

This is a form that sellers complete to state the items included in property sale.  The buyer must sign off before contracts are exchanged.

Caveat Emptor

‘Let the buyer beware’ is the literal translation of caveat emptor. It means that a buyer has responsibility to discover structural integrity of the property using a dependable surveyor.


Success of a purchase will depend on success of others. Many links in the chain might cause a sale to fail of another sale is unsuccessful.

HM Land Registry

The HM Land Registry is the department of government that deals with property ownership in United Kingdom.

Stamp duty

This is money charged to buyers on sliding scale according to price of property on sale. This money goes to HMRC.

Local authority searches

Searches are conducted during the initial stages of the conveyance. A search is designed to protect buyers from council plans that affect state of the property once they move in.

They only refer to plans that could affect a property up to its legal boundary. There is a more comprehensive search called planning search that you can get but at a higher cost by approximately £25.

Council for Licensed Conveyancers

Council for Licensed Conveyancers or (CLC) is a governing body that regulates and licenses conveyancers. You should ensure that a conveyancer is a licensed member before any engagement.

The process of Conveyancing and moving house ends when the seller receives full payment and the title deed reflects change of ownership.