Productivity Hack: Why You Should Declutter Your Workspace

Awareness of clutter and its negative effect on productivity has grow over the past few years, to the point where consultants have taken advantage of the opportunity and are now running successful businesses based around advising companies.

You don’t need any of these services to begin giving your office a good and pleasant look that will attract customers, and minimise ditractions upon staff. The article will help you identify why you need an organised office and tips to attain it.

declutter your workspace

An office that looks messy can kill the creativity of workers and can damage your relationship with clients. A focussed space tends to lead to focussed minds.

Keeping the workplace organised helps in increasing the morale of the staff, reducing distractions. Simple touches such as light coloured walls, bright pictures or photographs, and good quality and even lighting can go a long way to boosting an office space.

Natural touches have been shown to effectively bring productivity and team-harmony benefits. Non-flowering plants and running water features help produce negative ions and clean the air, helping boost alertness and focus.

Ensuring personal workspaces are well-organised can help maintain focus and minimise distractions. There is a balance to be struck between ensuring staff feel comfortable in their working environment, yet not allowing their professional focus to drop due to feeling too-comfortable.

A small number of creative companies, who rely on staff being able to have conceptual space, create areas that have no specific work focus. These spaces allow the mind of the employee to be stimulated and the creative process to be encouraged. Using break-out spaces such as these, away from desks and computers, may be an ideal solution for your business.

If clients visit your workplace then particular care should be taken to ensure that the physical environment is congruent with the image you wish your customers and business partners to hold of your business.

The rate of losing clients is high in a messy office. They will not trust your products as they view your team as incompetent. Professional service providers have organized offices, and all staff knows their duties and works to achieve them. How these professionals carry out their duties without wasting time will attract new customers.

Having things all over and papers stacked up in a place makes it hard for customers to trust you. Entering into an office where everything is at its place, gives the client hope and confidence of receiving quality services. To retain your customers consider having a system to arrange all the processes and items used.

When things are in a disorderly manner, they might limit the creativity of your staff. When everything is in order, you will get time to think what should be put in a certain place. It will be easy to identify a missing item and add to the layout anything that will enhance the look in your office. After carrying out a task, make sure you take all the items back to their station and clean them. Store the items in a dry and clean place. Keep all the paperwork in a labeled file and place the files on the shelves.

When organising your workplace, first create a visual that will guide you on what you want to achieve. Create a plan that will help you in identifying where to place an item. Get rid of items that you no longer use or are obsolete. It is expensive to offer storage and security to items that you no longer use. To cut the cost, consider doing away with these items to create room for other items that you use daily. The size of the office and nature of items will determine the layout to use. List down the goals you want to achieve and the likely distractive that might hinder you from achieving them.

When arranging your place of work make sure you keep it minimal. Retain only the office items and leave only a few personal properties. If customers find a make-up kit on top of your desk, they might assume that you are not a serious service provider, and your services are not professional. Professionals separate office items from personal properties. Make it a habit to be leaving your personal properties in your bag or car during the working hours. To remain productive and boost your creativity you need a neat office that has only the necessary personal things.

If the physical space is in good shape, consider ditching your digital clutter. Remove all the junk in your computers that has no use. When the laptop has many folders that you no longer use, there are high chances of you getting confused hence wasting time. Once you are not sure about what you are to do, you waste a lot of time figuring out what to do. Arrange the folders on the desktop and name them depending on their content. Assign passwords to folders that contain confidential information. Encourage your employees to use the computers for the intended duties and not for personal gain.

Once you have a plan about how you want your workplace to look like, it will take you less tie to implement the plan. Arrange the place regularly to avoid going back to the messy office. Use the internet to learn about the best layouts for your company.