Life And Business Coaching in London and Help With Depression Through Talking Therapies

As an London business coach and life coach, using talking therapies in particular sfbt, brief solution focused therapy with problems and issues such as help with anxiety.

There are hundreds of coaches out there many people call themselves life coaches. There are coaches for health, coaches for writing, coaches for marketing, and all sorts of coaches. With regard to life coaching London there are also a plethora of coaches in this pond. Some are accredited some aren’t so where do you begin in choosing a coach?

Another simple thing to look for is whether they are truly a life coach or just someone in training or management development who does executive coaching on the side. How many hours of coaching have they done, can they put you in contact with existing or former clients. Do they have any case studies or stories of coaching success? Are they prepared to do a ‘chemistry’ check by talking with you before they ask for payment? Ask them why they coach, how long they’ve been life coaching and also what ongoing development they do. In other words check them out!

As a life coach do they specialise for instance in help with anxiety or help with depression?

There will always be room for good life coaches

A number of positive principles make up the solution focused approach which comes originally from brief solution focused therapy

The history of talking therapies to help with depression, help with anxiety and help with stress including the use of counselling and CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy for dealing with depression and other personal and professional problems addictions and issues. Amongst successful talking therapy approaches are solution focus therapy and brief solution focused therapy.

Solution focused brief therapy or SFBT is one of the most effective of the talking therapies. Solution focused brief therapy was developed by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer together with their colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Centre in Milwaukee USA..) SFBT, Solution focused brief therapy also was influenced by systemic family therapy (cybernetics, communication, feedback, relations, networks, complexity). Brief solution focused therapy approaches have had effective results in dealing with sex alcohol and drug addictions.

In over 30 research studies in solution focused brief therapy the ‘success’ rate was 65 – 83% of cases from the clients themselves. The research includes depression, anxiety as well as drug and alcohol use.

Rob Rave is a successful life coach who also offers executive coaching in the City of London. He has worked with leaders from big organisations including Miele, Ernst and Young and Grant Thornton, as well as other high powered executives throughout the UK.