School to Academy conversions in the United Kingdom

uiwjwThe Academy Schools are publicly funded autonomous schools that are not supervised and managed by any of known indigenous authority. The rules, regulations and other conditions are solely set by the academy itself and the authorities are not accountable to whichever change they make in the policies or terms. The national curriculum is not henceforth followed by the academies. Once the schools convert to academies, they are then tracked by the academy trust which is a benevolent company limited by guarantee. The Academy Schools entails secondary schools mostly for pupils ageing from 11 to 16; few of them are nursery academy schools also.

The academy schools follow their syllabus as specified by English Specialist School Programme (SSP).

The enlisted below are the entities that can convert their status to an academy:

• Primary Schools
• Secondary Schools
• Special Schools
• Other Provision Schools and other few as mentioned by the government of United Kingdom.

A school can switch its status to an academy by the provision of a sponsor if its performing well or it also can change its status as a group of schools preferably recognized as academy chain.

How do Schools change their status to Academies?

Schools can change their status to Academies by following the prescribed rules and regulations of Government of United Kingdom. The schools are responsible to submit their application the Department for Education as mentioned in the documents available online on the website of Government of United Kingdom. Once the school submits its application to the Secretary of State, if accepted the Secretary of State releases an academy mandate and custody is then established which in result has a contract to run the academy for the government.

The schools afterwards register the academy custody with Companies Houses and settles leasing contracts for school building, land and other expenditures. The ultimate phase of conversion is the signing of the Funding Agreements with the Secretary of State. Schools should get some counselling before the funding agreement is signed to avoid any risk that might occur.

What rules and regulations do Academy Schools follow?

The Academy Schools are to obey the same admission criteria the other state schools are following however academy trusts develop their own admission authority for itself rather than referring to any of the indigenous authority. The Academy School emphasis the same admission criteria like other state schools however this means the academy can like a trust school establish its personal set of rules for granting seats if its overflowed by the admissions.

Moreover schools does have a criteria to privilege the 10% of the pupils of any specialized subject centred on their ability for that specific subject. The academy schools have to obey the law and government guidelines on rejecting any pupils but they are not liable to consult any local authority before rejecting any of the pupil admission.

However there is no verification that becoming an academy improves a school. Some academies have been successful. But some are deteriorating. The government presents the statistics to make academies appear more successful than other schools. As the impact of strictness becomes more severe, school budgets will be threatened. The critics say it is better for schools to stick together in their local family of schools.