Matching food and wine at dinner parties: Food Education

The idea of throwing a party goes back many years and frankly some think of it as rather old fashioned. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. This has however not stopped people from inviting their loved ones as well as close friends for a party where there will be plenty of food stuffs accompanied by drinks. What is however becoming the trend is that it is becoming imperative that the course meal is always matched by the wine. Ensuring that the food you will prepare goes hand in hand harmoniously with the wine is not as easy as you may think. Therefore, before you decide on what to do, you need to take a look at the recipes you can handle very well. Remember if you get it wrong, you can turn the otherwise happy party into a disaster and there is no going back once it goes down. This therefore means that once you have identified the food recipes you can handle very well, you can now look into the types of wine they go well with. If you feel you need some expert input into this selection then contact Ruth at and she can offer some help.

While this may be seen as an old fashioned approach to party, it will go along way if your guests are able to find the right variety of wine to go along with their meals. You have to take into account the season within which the party happens too. It will play a big role in choosing the type of recipes to try and consequently the ideal wine to accompany it. You may for instance forgo the red wine in favor of some white if you are having the party during summer time. This will be a great choice as well as a break away from tradition especially if it is in the summer when there is a lot of sun.

You should have a good knowledge of how the wines taste as well as how they go well with the various food recipes you are looking to prepare. White wines for example go well with seafood. White wine is dry while seafood is always crusty as well as citrusy when cooked; this is a perfect combination of dinner guests to enjoy. The two enhance each others’ fresh fruity flavors thereby making them very compatible. Tomato based dishes will also be a good choice to go with the white wine owing to its sharp taste. Think about dessert wines as well, to make sure that it goes with your pudding and cakes.  Try to decide which wine works best for your guests by sampling them on your own, nothing works best unless you try it for yourself and decide upon the experience you will have. As you go along and try them ensure that you keep a long list of what you try so that you do not get mixed up while at it. This will also help you in deciding on what to buy and what not to buy depending on their prices and availability.