Productivity Hack: Why You Should Declutter Your Workspace

Awareness of clutter and its negative effect on productivity has grow over the past few years, to the point where consultants have taken advantage of the opportunity and are now running successful businesses based around advising companies.

You don’t need any of these services to begin giving your office a good and pleasant look that will attract customers, and minimise ditractions upon staff. The article will help you identify why you need an organised office and tips to attain it.

declutter your workspace

An office that looks messy can kill the creativity of workers and can damage your relationship with clients. A focussed space tends to lead to focussed minds.

Keeping the workplace organised helps in increasing the morale of the staff, reducing distractions. Simple touches such as light coloured walls, bright pictures or photographs, and good quality and even lighting can go a long way to boosting an office space.

Natural touches have been shown to effectively bring productivity and team-harmony benefits. Non-flowering plants and running water features help produce negative ions and clean the air, helping boost alertness and focus.

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